Dollhouse Sneak Peek

I worked most of the weekend doing little things for the dollhouse.  Ok…not most of the weekend.  Two naptimes.  Which basically translates into the weekend.

So the bed for the master bedroom…

photo 1

I’ll post a longer tutorial about what it took.

The bed for Little Miss Owl’s room…

photo 5


Her pillow!! I absolutely love this fabric!!

photo 2

The floor was numbered so that I knew what order to lay the pieces in.  Probably my best idea to date.

photo 3

The floor partially done!

photo 4

And the floor for Miss Owl’s room…

My MIL had the great idea of cutting popsicle sticks for the floor and then staining them.  The house will have an entire wood floor except for the bathroom.  It has turned out better than I have ever thought!


4 thoughts on “Dollhouse Sneak Peek

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