Dollhouse: Hardwood floor tutorial


I’d like to preface this post with two things, the first being that this is not for the faint hearted (or those who don’t like blisters) and second that I am supremely glad that the dollhouse was no larger than it was.

So lets get started!  Little Miss Owl’s dollhouse started out as a black shelf.  See part one.

photo 1

This.  An entirely unused shelf in our home.  I kid you not there was only a frame and two books inhabiting it.  It turned out to be about 390 square inches.  Not including the top part for the terrace.  I did not do hardwood in the bathroom we are going to paint our own faux tile.

First you start off with an ungodly amount of popsicle sticks. I used 50 for the living room alone which was 67 square inches.  Luckily my MIL had a box of popsicle sticks in her craft room that she wasn’t using and gifted them to me!  I ended up changing my plan of attack after the first room because I felt like it involved too many steps.

1. Stain the popsicle sticks!  I used the stain and poly top coat in one in the darkest color they have-Miniwax Bombay Mahogany (I had it leftover from staining my bathroom cabinets).  Don’t be afraid to go dark!

photo 2

2. Cut the rounded ends off…I used wire cutters which didn’t leave any rough edges or scratches which would have meant staining again.  You can see I used them for so long that the rubber grip is starting to come off.  Every finger on my left hand except for my thumb has a blister.  The things we do for our children…

3. Cut the sticks (yet again) into varying lengths and lay on a sheet of paper marked with the dimensions of the room.  Don’t worry if it’s not perfect.  I found that leaving the sticks a little longer allowed me to trim them so they were flush against the wall and didn’t leave gaps in case I cut badly.  As my grandpa would say, “Measure twice cut once.”  Or in this case measure long cut twice to fit.

photo 3

The goal is to have the floor look like an actual hardwood floor.  You can see little tiny pieces and longer full length ones.  It goes quickly.

4. Lay the floor.  Use wood glue and you don’t need too much.  I laid the floor from the left to right in each room.

photo 3

You can see that I numbered the pieces in this room.  I was bringing them from my MILs house and I didn’t want them to make more work for myself later.  Numbering them isn’t necessary if you are putting the sticks right onto the floor.

5. Stand back and admire your handwork!  But before you stand there too long cover with wax or parchment paper and then put something weighted on top of the wood to make sure that it doesn’t warp and dries flush against the floor.  You can even see the little corner of one of our weights sitting on the floor!

photo 4

While I enjoyed the project immensely…I’m not sure I would choose to do it again any time soon.  There is a lot of work involved but honestly it looks so much better than a modpodged paper floor and more hardwearing for a little one.


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