Day 2: Fears

So Day 2: Three legitimate fears and how they became fears.

1. Turkeys: I know it sounds weird.  Alive turkeys.  I can handle the dead ones just fine and relish eating them.  Growing up we raised turkeys to butcher for family and friends for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Apparently it even has a name-Meleagrisphobia.  I can’t even pronounce that.  I can’t stand the things with their scaled taloned feet and beaks.  I was chased constantly through my growing up years by these devilish incarnations.  I flat out refused to have anything to do with them…I think my parents thought I was somewhat crazy since you don’t refuse to do chores on a ranch.

2. Scary movies:  Ha ha.  One day when I was little my mom had us playing outside and she was doing laundry and ironing inside and was watching this movie called “Late for Dinner.”  I even remember the name 20 years later.  Ugh.  It was awful.  I came inside during one of the scariest parts.  It gave me nightmares for years.

3. My only really ‘serious’ fear is losing my husband and my daughter which I think most people can relate to.  And I’m not sure it requires any further explanation.

Cheers, Rachael

P.S. I’m also doing the 30 Day Butt and Arms challenge on the DailyHiit’s website.  It’s going to be killer.  I started on Tuesday.  If you want to go over and check it out click here.


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