Day 3: Parents

My relationship with my parents has always been pretty good.  I didn’t really rebel much at all when I was a teenager and didn’t start dating until I was in college.  The only thing they really had to worry about was if I got a B on my report card (The Horror!).

I grew up on a ranch so my family was always pretty tight knit and we spent most of our time together.  I wasn’t closer with either parent but just had different relationships with them.  There are things that you can really only talk to your mom about and things its better to go to your Dad with.  I knew that they always talked to each other about us girls but for instance I could never go up to my Dad and say, “I think I need a bigger bra.”  It just didn’t happen.

My relationship with my parents now is a bit different now that I’m married and a mom myself.  There is less parenting and more friendship to be had.  I’ve actually been known to give both of them advice on occasion now. 🙂

I love them both dearly, for better or worse, they have taught me a lot about life, love, marriage, fidelity, and hard work.




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