Day 6: Hardest Life Experience

My hardest life experience is a pretty easy one.  I’m not going to go into a whole lot of detail though.  When my oldest sister was 18, I was 16, she was diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma.  Cancer patient as a senior in high school.  It was such a hard time for our family and for her.

No one really knows how to deal with something like that.  I had a woman come up to me in church and tell me that my sister had gotten cancer because all of the germs on our ranch.  Never mind that cancer doesn’t have anything to do with germs.  My sister is still feeling the effects of her cancer and treatment to this day.  Its a disease that never really can be dead and buried.

My mom hung this plaque in our house about all the things cancer can take away from you: health, hair, money…on and on but it can’t take away your hope and your will to live.




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