Day 7: Dream Job

You know you’d think this one would be easy.  It’s not.  I have so many interests.  I’ll narrow it down to two though.

1. Member of the US National Archives Archival Recovery Team:  So apparently archives, artifacts, documents, etc. are stollen at a high enough rate to make the ART a necessity.  They specialize in tracking down stolen US artifacts and returning them to the proper museum.   They succeed on a continual basis and their work is incredible.  Combining history with intelligence/police work?  Ah…the life.

2. Clothing Designer.  I have a few pieces designed in a notebook but my dream would be to take them and create a line that is classic, chic, and long lasting.  Clothing that are staples of every woman’s closet.  I feel that when I shop I am bombarded with looks of the moment and trying to find those staples that I desperately need in my closet is so hard.  I love the way that French women dress…simple and classic.  Black and white.  It’s timeless and every woman can wear it.

Can you imagine two jobs that were any more different?




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