Day 8: Passions

You know this is another one of those seemingly easy topics.  Then you have to try and parse out which are the ones you really hold dear.  So here goes: Three Passions That I Have.

1.  Reading and Writing: from a very young age I was drawn to books like moth to flame.  They were both an escape and good friends.  I read so much that I was always grades ahead of a normal reading level and its something that has never left me.  I always find time for a little reading during the day-in the morning, naptime, in the evening.  Reading expands your mind in ways nothing else can.  Writing was a natural extension of that coming from a desire to tell the stories in my head.  I have a strong drive and desire to have a book published one day.  Something that I hope will happen soon.

2. History:  My love for history grew as an extension of my love for reading.  My father is quite the US history buff and as his daughter I had to rebel in a small way.  I immersed myself in British history and most of the books I own are connected in someway to the British Isles.  I love their varied, tumultuous, range of history.  There is always something more to discover and understand.  I took so many English History courses during college that some were not even used on my program sheet even though I double majored.

3. Decor and Design:  This is something that I could not have predicted in a thousand years.  After Mr. Wonderful and I’s marriage though I felt my eye for design begin to expand.  I began to take pride in the presentation of our home and in creating an environment that was both comfortable and entirely me.  My passion for fashion grew as an extension of that. I have always been fascinated with the story of Gabrielle Chanel-better known to the world as Coco Chanel.  She had nothing and was nothing until she made herself the center of the world of fashion and Paris.  I am deeply drawn to clean lines, the classic look, classic pieces, and letting the shape of a woman define the clothes.

Hope you enjoyed.




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