Day 9: September 11th

September 11th, 2013

Instead of talking about the three people who have influenced my life I’d like to instead write about September 11th and the terrible source of sadness it remains for Americans.  It is so hard to believe that it has been twelve years and at other times I can remember like it was yesterday watching the 24 hour news coverage of the planes hitting the towers.  I remember one of my teachers making the accurate prediction that the terrorist responsible was going to turn out to be Osama bin Laden the head of Al Qaida.

My family ended up taking a trip to Canada during July of 2001 with an American flag that was able to hook onto a rolled up window.  There were American flags everywhere as we made the trip north.  People were more considerate.  I was reminded forcefully of when people suffer losses in their family which makes them question their own mortality.  When we arrived in Canada, the Canadians seemed even more interested in us once they found out we were Americans…becoming even more generous and kind.  We even had a Quebecer come and help us back up our suburban to our trailer because he liked talking to my Dad so much.

I think September 11th was a day for the US as a whole to question our security and status as a world superpower.  We came to realize that we were as vulnerable to attack as anyone else.  Over the years September 11th has come to be a day during which to honor our military men and women, as it should be as the war in Afghanistan was precipitated by this, but it should truly be a day for Americans to mourn those who died in the towers, at the Pentagon, and in the lonely far flung field of Pennsylvania.  It should also be a day during which we asses our own lives to determine whether we are living as we ought…living each day full of adventure and life as if it could be our last.


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