Day 11: The Pet Peeves

A few of my pet peeves for you today.

1. This one is quite appropriate right now…as I sit typing our neighbors dog is doing this continual 3 bark repeat.  Non stop.  Here’s a clue if you have a small yard take your dog for walks regularly.  They get bored.  Especially if they are larger dogs who need lots of exercise.  I don’t enjoy listening to your dog bark all day.

2. Open mouth chewing of gum.  For an entire semester in college I had this guy sit right behind me and do the continual smacking with his gum and it drove me nuts.  It is so hard to listen to a biology lecture with that right in your ear.  Ugh awful.

3. Failure to RSVP.  Ok so maybe it was just too much work to send back that pre-addressed, pre-paid envelope to say whether you can’t attend.  I get that.  It’s a lot to remember to mark yes or no and walk to your mailbox.  But please EVERYONE has access to email or a phone.  Send a text!  Or an email!  But PLEASE just have the courtesy to say whether you are coming or not!

4. This might not be a problem in other states…but in Colorado we have two tags for our license plates: month and year.  They got on the bottom of the plate with the month on the left and the year on the right.  There’s even a little picture for you on the envelope if you’re a bit dim.  Get it right people!  I’ve seen plates with two year stickers, stickers in all four corners, everything you can imagine.  What is so hard about following instructions?

Ok there we go.  There are more.  Not a lot more…ringing the doorbell when the baby of the house just went to sleep.  There is no greater crime for a new mom.




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