Day 12: A Day in the Life


I’m a stay at home mom…they don’t have schedules.  It’s almost virtually impossible.  My day is centered around Little Miss Owl and what she needs/wants to do that day.  Except for when we have errands.  Then we do those.

Typically I’m the first one up so I can have a little down time in the morning for breakfast, reading a book, and reading my bible.  I find that having that hour or two before Little Miss Owl starts her day does wonders for me.  I’m not a huge fan of working out in the morning…mostly because I’ve had a hard time eating really early in the morning, for most of my life.

The morning and afternoon is largely set aside for Little Miss Owl to eat and play.  Depending on if it’s nice out we go for walks or hikes and run our errands (we also run errands when its not nice out he he).  Then she naps…she’s amazing about naps and never fights them which I will forever be grateful for.  I do my chore of the day with a list I found on The Fun Cheap or Free Queen’s blog (click here for PDF file).  It’s really quite amazing and it helps me stay up to date with my chores…I tend to slack on bathrooms and floors. It’s wrong I know…but the rest of my house is super clean!!!  So after that, usually 20 minutes, I write my book which is coming along very nicely and I’m very proud.  Naps are my one time of the day where I can actually sit down and do what I need to do.  Some days that’s cleaning or organizing, writing, reading, or just sitting outside with a cup of tea.  I am a firm believer that if you don’t take time to rest and recuperate as a mom (or Dad) your whole family ends up suffering.

So after nap it’s off to the races again…sort of.  We play some more, watch a movie…well more like put a movie in and have it playing in the background while we play some more.  We wait for Mr. Wonderful to come home or to finish his work for the day and then do something fun with him, dinner, and then bath.

When he’s home Mr. Wonderful takes bath time.  Without fail.  It’s amazing.  Then I head out to the garage for my daily dose of the Daily HIIT!  Yay!  It gets super hot in that garage in the summer…not fun.  I’m still wondering whether I’ll be able to be out there in the winter…might have to move things inside.

So that’s our day…besides meals and bedtimes there is no set schedule.  Honestly I like it much better that way.




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