Day 13: Favorite Quote



I’ve had a lot of favorite quotes over the years.  But this one has stood out at me from the first time I read the Harry Potter series.  It’s not my favorite because of the book it comes from…it’s my favorite because of the back story.  Because of the struggle.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Chapter 31 page 624 lines 11-16.

“I was the last to come through,” said Mrs. Longbottom. “I sealed it, I think it unwise to leave it open now Aberforth has left his pub.  Have you seen my grandson?”

“He’s fighting,” said Harry.

“Naturally,” said the old lady proudly. “Excuse me, I must go and assist him.”

Mrs. Longbottom’s grandson is Neville.  She has raised him since his parents were tortured into insanity when he was a little over a year old.  When he was young his family doubted that he would even qualify for Hogwarts.  His whole life he’s had a notoriously poor memory and has never been top at anything except for Herbology.  His grandmother is rather hard on him throughout the books saying he will never measure up to his parents and that he is rather a disappointment.  Neville never learns to believe in himself and he carries the weight of what happened to his parents around with him all the while never telling his friends.

But in book five after his parents attackers break out of prison a mania comes over him and he works tirelessly to become a better fighter, to learn more.  In book seven, The Deathly Hallows he comes into his element.  The transformation in the relationship between him and his grandmother is astounding.  What was once a rocky relationship has been flipped on its head.  Mrs. Longbottom puts herself in death’s path to be near her grandson…to assist him.  He has made her more than proud.  He has proven himself worthy in his own right apart from the horror of what happened to his parents.

It’s cheesy I know…but JK Rowling wrote so much of the book about mother figures and what they sacrifice to save their children (Lily Potter, Molly Weasly, Narcissa Malfoy) and Mrs. Longbottom is truly one of those wonderful women.


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