Day 14: React to This Term, Letting Go


There is so much in life that is completely out of our control.  People that we lose that we have loved, the actions of others, the harsh reality of the world we live in.  Letting go is essential for life.  It is also one of life’s hardest lessons.  When my grandfather started losing his memory because of dementia there was a part of me that didn’t want to give up trying to stop that descent.  Letting go at that point meant accepting the reality that he was not coming back.

Letting go has also meant no longer allowing the action and inaction of others to have a hold of me anymore.  Its strange that after a while we let what other people think about us become what we start telling ourselves is the truth.  People can jade us quite a lot…but only if we give them the power to.  We place so much importance on what others think of us and not remembering that at the end of our lives it will not matter what others have thought of us but rather what we think of ourselves.

Everything that holds us back is a burden.  It keeps us from life.  Letting go is the bravest most courageous act we can do.  The burdens we have carried for so long become familiar, almost as if we don’t know how to function without them.  Take body image issues for instance…I have them in spades.  Letting go of them requires so much strength and it requires that you start loving yourself for who you are-much like the way that those that love you do.

Letting go means bravery, it means choosing life, and it means forgiveness.




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