Day 17: What is the thing you most wish you were good at?

The one thing I most wish I was truly great at was believing in myself.  Self confidence was not something that I was born with and it’s most certainly not something that comes natural to me.  Self doubt is what nags me to no end.  Only recently have I come to understand that it is not others that are skewed in their view of me but it is rather me that is skewed.  When I look in the mirror all I see are faults and nothing else.  It’s like I don’t even acknowledge the good because I believe it to be so completely eclipsed by my “faults.”

When you believe in yourself everything is open to you.  You stop concentrating so much on perceived faults and focus more on what you can achieve.  Writing for the Daily Hiit has been so helpful for me, it exposes my writing to a larger audience and forces me to believe that people do want to read what I write.

But in the end your happiness shouldn’t depend on what others think about you.  Nor should you hinge self worth on the praises from others.




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