Day 18: Forgiveness

Forgiveness has to be one of the hardest parts of the human experience.  It goes against our very nature.  I find that the hardest thing to forgive are crimes and actions against people.  So often we look at others without seeing their humanity, without acknowledging their emotions.

My mother’s parents were not the best of people…when they should have been protecting their children they instead did the exact opposite.  Parents are supposed to be the ones that you can rely on when everyone else has failed you.  They are your protectors, your wall against the harsh reality of the world.

But then that’s the hard truth about forgiveness…it’s about acknowledging that humans are imperfect creatures in an imperfect world.  It’s also about acknowledging that we ourselves are also imperfect and that wandering around life with the baggage of pain, hate, disappointment, and grudges will eventually turn us into harsh and cold reflections of our former selves.




One thought on “Day 18: Forgiveness

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