Day 20: Childhood Memories

Childhood is such a magical time…mostly because as a child your imagination runs free and unencumbered by any adult realities.  I grew up on a ranch where imagination was even more encouraged and its possibilities endless.

1. One of my most favorite memories is not a single one.  As children my sisters and I made one of our old outbuildings into our own little hideaway.  We swept the concrete floor and mopped it countless times and then filled it with pictures of horses and old foldable lounging chairs.  We played for hours on end in our little converted barn.  It was a palace as far as we were concerned.  Our days were filled with little picnics and dressing up and hours upon end of pretending we were orphans (nothing against our parents but we loved the Boxcar Children-and you know it sounds really romantic). 🙂

2. Another one of my absolute favorite memories took place while repairing fences on the property.  My grandfather was helping and we were taking a short break and having some water.  My grandpa launched into this reminisce of the days when my Dad’s adopted grandparents owned the ranch and Mrs. Winter would bring out a lovely apple pie and coffee for “break time” and then have a huge lunch ready afterwards.  My eyes lit up at the thought of having my mother bring us out a pie…what a way to get through the work!  At lunch when we went inside I asked Mom if she could make us an apple pie and bring it out for our little break.  She just laughed at me.  The funny thing is…if Little Miss Owl was working out in the fields with her Papa….she would definitely bring out a pie if asked. 🙂

3. I found my first real love in books at age 12.  I walked up to my Dad and complained bitterly that I had read all my books and I needed a real challenge.  My Dad looked at me for a moment and then said to go out to our storage room and look for a boxed set of books called Lord of the Rings.  He said they might be a little hard for me at first but to give them a chance.  This was about 3:00pm.  I went out to our storage room and sighed a little at all of the boxes piled in there but within about a half hour of looking I found them…a little boxed set of white books.  Four of them.  I followed Dad’s advice and pulled out The Hobbit and settled myself on a clear spot on the floor.  I was halfway through when I heard my mother shouting for me to come inside for dinner.  I gathered up the books and ran out of the room trying to avert her.  I ran up to my Dad inside and smiled at him showing how far I had gotten.  He simply patted me on the back and said I could read more after dinner.  I learned later that the set of LOTR was my Dad’s from when he was in his teens.  It was a second edition.  He told me that when he was in high school kids used to go around with “Frodo Lives” pins on their shirts and no one knew what it meant. I desperately wanted one of my own…but the Fellowship came out in 2001 and then everyone knew what “Frodo Lives” meant.




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