Day 22: What do you miss?

What I miss most is both a time and people.  All throughout my childhood I was incredibly blessed to live wonderfully close to my grandparents.  They were an ever constant part of my sisters and I’s life…being around them was always part education and part play.

From the earliest age I can remember my oldest sister and I would spend occasional Saturday’s at their house sleeping over.  Those weekends were delightfully full of picking walnuts and apricots from their trees, my Grandpa’s world class milk shakes, oatmeal with every kind of fruit imaginable, war stories, Bible stories, and my absolute favorite…one small handful of red hots.  Almost without fail we had Sunday dinner either at our house or ours…Mr. Wonderful and I were reminiscing about our grandparents a few days ago and came to the conclusion that as soon as we were able to appreciate and understand the importance of grandparents…the times were gone.  And in some cases so were the people as well.

It is their love, their calm presence, that I miss the most.  I would give anything to have one last Sunday Dinner with them.  I am truly grateful that Little Miss Owl has the chance to be around her grandparents as I did.


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