Day 26: Five Favorite Treats

List your five favorite treats…oh boy this could be fun.

1. Starbucks: a nice caramel maachiato or pumpkin spice latte…mmm delicious.

2. A full afternoon tea at my favorite tea place, The House of Commons in Denver, CO.  A pot of tea with a little tower of sandwiches, scones, and mini deserts.  It’s heavenly.

3. Cornbread: its obviously not considered by most people to be a treat…but made from a lovely box of Marie Callenders…I could eat it morning, noon, and night.

4. Carrot Cake:  Little Miss Owl and I have this tradition that when Mr. Wonderful is out of town or gone for the day that we go to the grocery store and pick up one of their carrot cake cupcakes to share.  I’m not really sure if carrot cake is her favorite…but she eats it anyways.

5. Oh geez…I’m running out of ideas here.  I’m not a huge desert/sweets person…oh but a glass of mulled wine in the winter.  Now that’s perfection.  The trick is to not boil it for too long or all the alcohol burns off.  Just a nice simmer.

Now I really want Mr. Wonderful to take me out to tea now…




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