Day 27: Five Things They Should Teach About Life in School

This is incredibly easy. Only the trick is listing the top five.

1. Filing taxes. Or anything at all to do with taxes at all. I fail to understand why this is not a part of every high school’s curriculum.

2. Buying a car or house. How to get good deals, where to look, how much you should expect to pay. Mr. Wonderful and I felt so out of our element buying our first house, some background information would have been great.

3. Job hunting and interview prep. How about teaching us actually how to land that job that we are paying tens of thousands of dollars to have the degree for. Shocker. Let’s see, where to look, what’s available, what questions to ask in an interview…this class would be incredible.

4. Household maintenance. Little things like how to patch holes in the wall and big things like hooking up a swamp cooler or installing cabinets. If you had a Dad like mine he wasn’t super gifted with the “handyman” gene so you didn’t learn these things.

5. My big one is self defence. This is especially important for women. How to get out of the plastic handcuffs a kidnapper would use, how to protect yourself from rape, how to be safe in large crowds, home defence. This should be required on every college campus in the nation where girls are at a much larger risk for rape. 1 in 4 on a college campus. That is beyond awful.

So there you go! What else would you add?


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