Day 30: If you had to sing a song in front of a crowd, what would you choose to sing?

If you had to sing a song in front of a crowd, what would you choose to sing?

Hmm what a hard one…I have quite a few of favourite songs but I suppose it would be “It is Well” by Horatio Spafford.

Spafford was a wealthy man. He had quite a good business going in the United States. But he was wealthy beyond measure in his family. He had a wife, four daughters, and a son-the youngest. Unfortunately a fire ravaged his business in the US and also killed his youngest child and only son. The family was devastated. They decided to move back to England to restart their lives. Spafford did not set sail with his wife and daughters across the Atlantic because he was trying to settle things with the business. On the crossing, the ship carrying Spafford’s wife and four daughters crossed paths with a huge storm and eventually sank. Of his family, only his wife survived. When he crossed the Atlantic some weeks later, Spafford had the captain stop the ship over the point where his daughters had perished. There, standing looking out on the water, Spafford wrote the words to “It Is Well.”

That sort of loss is unimaginable. And when I was younger it became my favourite hymn. The sort of absolutely reliance on God that Soaffird wrote about was the only way possible for him to cope with the multiple tragedies that had befallen him.


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