When Life Changes…

You know…back in May I would never have thought that I would be on my way to seeing my dreams of writing professionally coming true.  And yet…they are.  I have been blown away.  Becoming a blogger for The Daily Hiit was incredible.  It was also completely unexpected.  I had only been blogging for about a month when I applied.  Out of 1000 applicants only 100 were chosen and from that there are two of us ready to move on to the next tier.1385277_10153317766225725_1938726867_n

Last week blew me away.  I knew the articles I had written were doing well but I hadn’t kept track to see where they fell in the top 10.  I literally started jumping up and down and then since Mr. Wonderful was in a meeting I called my Dad and almost started crying.  His very words to me:

“Can I have your autograph?  Seriously?  I mean Tom Clancy just passed away…and you’re the perfect person to replace him as a writer!”

You know that you have a good Dad when he’s just as excited as you are about potentially life changing news.  So thank you Dad, for knowing just how much this means to me.

This week has been killer stressful.  I wrote three posts this week which I thought would be great traffic generators.  The first one tanked (in my opinion), the second did…ok, and the third…my personal story has actually done really well.  Mr. Wonderful kept telling me, trying to get through my thick head, that I was writing!  I was doing what was making me happy, it didn’t matter whether I made it to the next level and it didn’t matter…everyone was proud of me.  My best friend echoed his exact same words.  I kept thinking I’d let everyone down…I’d fail.  And as I told both of them…I wanted to make myself proud.  I wanted to do something I could be proud of.  But in all honesty…I am proud.  I took a huge step even applying for the blogging position.

All of the links for the articles can be found here:

How I Changed My Life

Whats the Best Time to Workout?

How to Change the World

The 5 Traits of “Perfection”

Top 10 Reasons To BodyRock

The Thigh Gap

Are These Mannequins Fat?

It’s Time For Failure

Sorry for the deluge…I didn’t link to any because of the blogging challenge I was doing.  The link to my page can also be found here.  Please read and like!




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