A Season of Change


This last week has been incredible. I’ve noticed some big changes in myself after having my articles doing so well on The Daily Hiit. I have something to call my own, something that I can continually work on and devote my down time to. It’s actually the perfect place for me at this time of my life. I brainstorm topics continuously throughout the day and have now set my car radio permanently to NPR\CPR. All those days of being forced to listen when I was a kid have really made an impact. I can practically see my Dad jumping up and down malevolently saying “my plan worked!”

This week I was incredibly fortunate to make the top ten for the third time, and in doing so being the first “normal” blogger to have a #1 post for the week. It had 3,300 likes and three times as many views. Having that sort of exposure is really mind blowing. I am now one of their featured bloggers which means more exposure, becoming a paid contributor, trying out new workout equipment and clothing. I really can’t wait to see where all of this goes.

So upcoming topics for this week are: US Football’s Big Secret, an article about the deaths and concussions plaguing the sport, and an article entitled “Too Fat to be a Model” a look at model Lizzie Miller and plus sized models and their strange place in the fashion industry. Mr. Wonderful thought the football article was so good that I’ll probably incite the NFL so much and they will send their goons after me. Not likely.

Another piece of good news, Study in Silver, my silver chandelier was sold via etsy to a gentlemen who has some great and exciting plans for it. Keep on the lookout in early November for that news!!



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