Daily Hiit Blog Posts Updated

Sorry for the long absence…it gets hectic in life a times as we all know.  But I did want to take time out to give you all an update on the blogging that I have done, as a Featured Blogger, over at the Daily Hiit.

I’m going to link to the posts that have done extremely well on the site as well as those I really feel strongly about.  You know, just so you get a good mix.  Please hit the like button on the post for me if you read them!

Anorexia Memoirs: Are We Adding To the Problem?

Super Bowl=Single Largest Sex Trafficking Incident in the US

What I Learned From Ditching My Scale

A Different Take on the Thigh Gap Craze (one of my favorites)

Homeless Veteran Undergoes Makeover

11 Differences Between Dating a Man vs. a Boy

How to Strip Women of Their Achievements

Sorry for the deluge…there are a lot more.  Feel free to peruse.


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