The Brassy Gal

So this little beauty doesn’t have a real name as of yet, but she is truly a beauty.  It’s probably the most ‘normal’ chandelier I have bought to date.  It was a steal of a deal on craigslist and I sent my wonderful long suffering husband to drive an hour to pick it up.


His exact words to me on the phone were “it’s really a lot of brass…” with his voice trailing off.  I laughed and said that she was getting a fresh coat of paint.  White paint that is.  Mr. Wonderful has been pestering me ever since I finished our kitchen chandelier to do another white chandelier.  A beautiful pearly white.

I’ve wanted to work with one of these dual level chandeliers for a long time…this picture does not do it justice in any way but she will be a thing of beauty when I’m finished.



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