So here we are!!! On to some detail work of the house.  Today I’m going to take you through a run down of the kitchen and the overall cost of the room.

As I’ve said before, this dollhouse was in no way meant to be perfect or fancy.  Little Miss Owl was only 2.5 years old at Christmas so the dollhouse had to stand up to her play.  The house also represents my feelings about play and toys in general.  I don’t want to have to stand over my daughter and worry that she will break something-I want her to have complete play time control over her toys.  Well…within reason.

So here we go!!


This is the completed room, except for the fact that I hadn’t glued the cabinets to the wall yet…whoops.  Ok, so the sink and the cabinets were actually an unfinished hutch that I bought from Hobby Lobby.  It is possible to take them apart with an exacto knife…I did have to sand the top of the sink part to smooth it out.  Then the two pieces were spray painted with primer and then silver.  None of the cabinets look perfect…and to be honest I wish they looked a little better…but its all ok. My FIL made both the oven and the other cabinet so I apologize for not having a tutorial for those.  I painted on the oven door and the handles.  For the counter-tops I used some mosaic tiles that I bought from Michaels (on sale for $1.99) and I still have about 30 left.  They were simply attached with super glue.  Just make sure that you use tiles that will lay flat.


The sink is actually made out of a iPod dock from my extremely old iPod mini.  My FIL cut a small opening in the sink so that it could sit down nicely.  An amazing breakthrough of mine is the faucet.  Its probably one of my favorite little details in the house.  All it consists of is a medium sized nail that was bent using needle-nose pliers.  I then lightly hammered it into the wood right behind the sink and then took it back out and added a little dab of super-glue to keep it secure.

The fabric for the curtains was left over from a purse that I made.  A great find of mine were the curtain rods that you will see throughout the house.  They were actually in the scrapbooking section in Michaels ($2.50 with 40% off coupon) and they add a great layer of sophistication.  So the light in the kitchen is my favorite in the entire house.  I have no idea where I even got it.  It was just laying around in one of our misc drawers in the house.  Its some sort of plastic Christmas light.

For any sort of food items that you want to put in the kitchen, Hobby Lobby has a great selection.  The bowls I have as well as the metal bucket were found in the woodworking and glass jar sections, respectively.  For the “windows” throughout the house I simply printed off pictures of Parisian apartment building windows and modge-podged them onto pre cut pieces of wood.  The wood for the windows throughout the house was only $0.50 from Michael’s wood section.


You can see the terrible effects of humidity…boo.  I’m in the process of trying to fix it.  But the little forks were from my daughter’s birthday party.  We had little cups of mac and cheese and these spoke to us (my MIL and I) at Target.  The arrondissement paper lining the wall is from a Europe scrapbooking pack that I bought before my husband went on our honeymoon…five years ago now.  Wow.


I love the little mirror…it was a three pack at Michaels, only $1.99, and it was right by their woodworking section.  The letters for “EAT” are just scrapbooking letters, and yes I know it’s not French, but I think of these owls as well traveled.  Just like I have an ‘amore’ sign in my kitchen…its about a bit of culture.

Overall the room cost $10.50 with the table as well.  Not too bad!

So next to come is my tutorial for the kitchen table.  But to read any earlier posts: click below

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La Petite MH: Kitchen (Part 1)

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