This is my wonderful little kitchen table.  I love it.  The inspiration from the table came from my desire to have the house reminiscent of both the Procencal region of France and Paris as well.  A combination of rustic and glamor.  Thus the idea was born for a wine barrel farmhouse table.

I used a total of four wine barrels in the house, two here in the kitchen, one in the entry way, and another for the table on the terrace.  My MIL had two already and I bought another three pack at Hobby Lobby, $2.00 with coupon.  I had some extra wood that we used for the table top.  I used the same stain that I did on the hardwood floor.  The barrels and wood top were only given one coat of stain.


You absolutely cannot have a wine barrel farmhouse table without having a vineyard’s label on the barrel.  So I took the Chateuneuf Du-Pape’s seal, tweaked it a bit, and then drew it on the barrels with a simple black pen.  It was a completely free detail that adds so much to the room.  The little seats are corks from Joanns in the mason jar aisle-just super glued on.

After the wood for the top was cut down to the sizes for both tables I then  used wood glue to attach them.  This was probably the easiest DIY that I did in the entire house.  Well maybe the bathtub…but we will get to that later.

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