As I’ve said in previous dollhouse posts, this house was not meant, in any way, to be perfect.  Its meant to be played with and lived in and above all be able to stand up to a 2.5 year old.  She’s actually wonderfully careful with it-I have to say I am incredibly impressed.

So here we are at the wonderful entryway.  When designing the house I knew there had to be some sort of “door” and a room to accommodate that.  I was met with some hesitancy that Little Miss Owl wouldn’t know what an entryway was and I could use the space for something else.  Well other dollhouses come with attics and Little Miss Owl hasn’t seen an attic in her life.  So I did the entryway anyways…and I love it.  Its the perfect way to center the dollhouse and if I was honest with myself, I really wish I had one in my actual house.  But I digress.

photo 4

This room went through a couple stages before I really settled on the look.  I knew I wanted a calm look and feel to it and very little furniture.  I cut out the use of photos and settled instead on the mirrors that are now placed in it.

IMG_1917 IMG_0749

So you can see my very terrible side table that I concocted.  Originally I was going for a lucite table and it just didn’t work out.  There are NO dollhouse lucite tables anywhere.  Oh well.

Onto the rug and the door.  The door is again a image that was printed on scrapbook paper and they modge-podged onto a piece of wood.  Very easy.  The rug is a piece of scrapbook paper in a quatrefoil pattern from a Christmas scrapbook paper pack that my MIL gave me last year.  I cut the piece larger than the piece of wood so that the paper could wrap around and modge-podged that as well.  I did have to hold down the paper so that it would stay put…but it turned out all right in the end.


Here’s a look at the ceiling.  The paper is a great find of mine from Joann’s.  It’s a textured gold scrapbook paper that was also put on the ceiling of the bathroom.  The chandelier was actually the most expensive piece in the house.  It was $8.00 at Michaels in their jewelry section although I did have a 40% off coupon.  Mr. Wonderful insisted on having a chandelier in the house.


A look at the wall with mirror.  The gold detailing are buttons from Michael’s.  They were in a set and I simply clipped the backs off with a pair of pliers.


I hope you enjoyed!  The living room is next on the list.  Click below for the previous Dollhouse Posts,


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La Petite MH: Entryway

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