La Petite Maison Hibou: Living Room

Living Room

La Petite Maison Hibou (The Little Owl House), as I have written before was created for my daughter, who is now two and a half.  It was meant to stand up to the machinations of said two year old without having too much expensive furniture-bottom line its meant to be lived in.  It’s meant to be played with and loved.

The living room is, bar none, the most fashion forward in the house.  No where else will you see a polka dotted wall with a zebra print rug along side a tartan print vase with a Christmas tree in the corner.


This was how the living room looked at the beginning.  The ‘tv’ is actually some sort of plastic piece that went along with some of our electronics.  I simply cut off the protruding pieces to streamline it.  The clear piece it is sitting on is a part of my iPod mini box that did not get used.  The vase is the top to an old Burberry Brit perfume.  My family has Scottish roots…had to add some tartan in somewhere.  One of my best finds, however, was the sofa which was actually a business card holder that I had to beg Mr. Wonderful for.  I’m still not entirely sure that I used it with his permission.  Sorry babe.


So here we are!  The floors are done along with the wallpaper and the window and curtains!  You can see I’ve cut off the protruding parts on the tv and that I’ve invested in some books.  I’m an avid reader…and these were only $2.00 with a coupon from Hobby Lobby’s dollhouse section.  My MIL picked up the zebra print ‘rug’ from Hobby Lobby as well for $2.00 as well back in their teen crafts area.  I only used about 1/8th of the entire piece.  I also added padding to the couch using some leftover black velvet and batting.  I simply stitched up little rectangular pieces and glued them onto the sofa.


One of Little Miss Owl’s favorite movies is Pixar’s “Ratatouille” which also happens to be set in Paris.  I printed out a picture from google of Remy overlooking Paris as the “tv screen” and glued it onto the back of my plastic piece.  A free tv and sofa so far.


Here you can get a good look out the balcony which is another modge-podged google image.  Aren’t the curtain rods divine?!  All in all this was the most inexpensive room in the entire house.  I did purchase the tree and presents and Christmas baubles from Hobby Lobby but it was only $4.00 and I used two of the other trees on the terrace.  So all in all only $6.00 for the entire room!!  Not a bad result!  Although I wished we lived in zero humidity so my wallpaper wouldn’t crinkle.  C’est la vie.

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