La Petite MH: Little Miss Owl’s Room

van room

This room is one of the centerpieces of the entire dollhouse.  Much of the whimsy elements of the house were taken from my brainstorming for this room.  It changed quite a bit from my original intention as the room was just too small to accommodate everything.  So I left the room a little bare so that my daughter’s imagination could work out the pieces instead.


Here’s what it looked like once I finally finished the hardwood floors.   My favorite part of the room is, strangely enough, the fabric that I used for the pillowcase/sheet and the curtains.



Little Miss Owl even went to Joann’s with me to pick them out!


Isn’t she adorable?!

Back to the room…


Here it is almost finished.  The bed is actually one part of an Advent pacifier plastic container.  It was the perfect size for her little bed.  For the mattress I cut a small piece of some leftover chair batting that my MIL had and then sewed a little cover for it for the sheet.  The bunting is made of triangles of scrapbook paper.  For the nightstand I used an eye cream container with a Chanel sample perfume bottle and then the top of the eye cream as the lamp shade-all superglued together.


A closer look at the bunting and pillow.


The artwork on the walls is also one of the best parts of the room.  The Paris art came from a tag on a ‘Paris’ sweater that I bought at Kohls.  The Snowy Owl painting is actually a print of original artwork that Mr. Wonderful painted for our daughter.  The print doesn’t do it justice.  Its an incredible piece and it allowed him to be a part of the dollhouse process.

The only cost to the room was just the fabric and the chest.  I only bought an 1/8th of a yard of each from Joann’s and with coupons and sale items it only came out to $1.50.  The chest was a little more expensive-coming in at $5.00, its from Hobby Lobby’s dollhouse section.  I’m not too thrilled with it because the construction on the lid is rather poor.  It’s on my list to fix it again.  The room in total came out to $7.50 when you factor in the cost for the curtain rod.  Incredibly inexpensive when you think about it.  You’d be hard pressed to spend that on a little bed alone.  Remember that there are options for repurposed furniture everywhere.

The bathroom is coming up next with some great tutorials.

So if you would like to read more…please click below:


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