Our Story

Mr. Wonderful and I met in 2007 while I was working at our local gym and he had just started working as a police officer.  It was love at first sight…for him.  For some strange reason I simultaneously viewed police officers as “above me” and also somehow not human…like Robo Cop.  You know they plug into a wall or something when their shift is done right?!?  So Mr. Wonderful fell…and he fell hard.  He also thought I was dating someone at the time.  But he came in and always ordered a smoothie and even gave me incredible help on a paper I was writing for college.

Then the horrible day came…in Mr. Wonderful walks and I smile and say hi and right behind him is a beautiful brunette beauty…with the same last name.  My heart fell.  I had thought he was flirting and here he was married…I had obviously jumped to some big conclusions about a cop being interested in me.  It was crushing.  About a month later the word around the gym was that “The Cop” (as he was known in the gym) was moving into the apartment over the gym.  No joke this is what happened.

Trainer: “Yep he’s moving up there, it’s a really great bachelor pad too. And close to the PD.”

Me: “Why would he want to move in there?  He’s married!”  (Cue everyone staring at me like I’m an idiot)

Trainer: “Umm…no he’s not.”

I simultaneously felt incredibly happy and like the biggest idiot in the world.  But as I explained to Mr. Wonderful years later, after he was really my Mr. Wonderful, I could have sworn they came in together.  And with the last name?  What are the chances?  So we talked.  Mr. Wonderful still thinks I have a boyfriend at this point.  Then one day two cheesy looking guys walk into the gym complaining about how their car was keyed in the parking lot and could I please get the cop upstairs to help them out.  At this point I started hyperventilating a little.  So up the stairs I walk…and mustering all my courage I knock.  And he opens the door.  He’s halfway through getting his uniform on…and still in his socks.  I think I blathered something about the two punk guys downstairs and he tells me that he’s not on duty yet but they can call dispatch and get someone.  I left and felt like an idiot yet again.  But after he went on duty and helped those two awful guys he comes back into the gym and he hands me his card…and to this day I can’t remember what he said.  It was the first time I had seen him in uniform and my mind went blank…like in the movies.

He did not sweep me off my feet then and there and declare his undying love for me and carry me off into the sunset.  He walked out the door and went about his day…and so did I.  For another year.  And I changed jobs.  He did not.

And then, out of the blue, I did the craziest thing…the most out of character thing I have ever done in my life.  I saw him in the mall one day and I went up and said hi.  I am an incredibly introverted person…let’s just say God took over for a couple seconds.  And he asked me out.  With his brother standing right there watching us.  We exchanged numbers and figured out our days off.

A week later after driving back from church with my parents I asked him if we were dating…I told him that I wanted to be serious because I was tired of just dating to date.  Honestly I should have realized then how much he cared for me.  He said yes we were dating and he wanted to date me to decide whether he wanted to marry me.

And then nine months later…nine of the most beautiful months of my life, he asked me to marry him.  At his home, with me crying my eyes out on his shoulder because I thought he was breaking up with me, he said very softly…”Will you marry me?”  I think I hiccuped.  And then I said, “What?”  And he asked again.  And he said he didn’t have my ring yet…and then I told him yes.  Then started crying even more.  Ever the one to do things ‘right’ he asked me not to tell anyone until we had the ring which was apparently being fitted for the right stone.  It was the second hardest thing I’ve ever done, no talking to my best friend, or mom, or sisters.  The next day after work I met him at a restaurant where he was having margaritas with friends before we took a short drive and a hike.  It was one of those moments that I wish I could remember exactly what was said…but I really don’t need to.  He got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife for the rest of his days, to allow him to love and to cherish me and to grow together.  And he gave me the ring that was supposedly not going to be done for weeks.

And in three months…we were married.  I don’t wait very well when I’ve made up my mind about something.  He took me to England and Scotland for our honeymoon, fulfilling a lifelong dream of mine.

And then two years later…on our 2nd wedding anniversary…



Our little Owl…and life has been growing sweeter by the day.


2 thoughts on “Our Story

  1. Rachael, what a cute love story with such a happy ending! I connected through your blog from the HIIT site. I really should be exercising but here I am perusing your blog:) ps: love the chandeliers!

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